First Laguna Blogging Summit #1LaBS

When In Manila, I tried to attend different blogging summit or blogging events that I think could help me more to know the importance and benefits of Social Media. Events are fun, I learned a lot about their products and services plus met my fellow Social Media practitioners that eventually became my friends and connections.

Manila is 2 to 3 hours drive from Calauan, Laguna where I live and what I learned from the Bloggin industry was that it could help us to earn and could be a job through effective marketing of products or services plus could easily encourage, influence and empower even the most powerful man in the government because of the advocates that are active in this new revolution. Thus I got a concept of bringing the information to Laguna.

The 1st and the biggest Social Media Blogging Summit will be held at Laguna with the objectives to bring the best speakers and famous writers from the blogosphere or Social Media in order for them to know what Laguna could offer more. This is also one way to PROMOTE TOURISM and that it’s really more fun in the Philippines and Laguna is one place to spend the fun due to its relaxing weather, hot spring resorts, Pagsanjan falls and sweetest tropical fruits.

The “First Laguna Blogging Summit” is an open and FREE event for the Pinoy Social Media/Blogging community and will be held  on September 27, 2012  and  September 28, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Cultural Center of Laguna which is located at Santa Cruz, the province capital.

For the past years, events like these have become a highly-anticipated interaction venue where famous and upcoming Pinoy bloggers give informative talks. More than 300 bloggers from all over the country make time to attend events like this and with 26 municipalities and 4 cities from the province of LAGUNA, we’re expecting more. For years, Blogging Conference or Summit were held in different parts of the country but not in Laguna.

According to COMELEC Spokesman James Jimenez ” A HISTORICAL event.”

Some of the speakers; Lloyd Luna, Tony Ahn, Rod Magaru (emcee) and Pocholo Gonzales during the team guesting at the Global News Network (GNN) Creative Voices Show. 

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